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Famous Speeches
& Speech Topics Sitemap

Famous Speeches and Speech Topics Sitemap

This Famous Speeches & Speech Topics Sitemap will provide a comprehensive database for visitors interested in learning more about the speeches and famous speakers. A great Educational resource for kids, students, schools and universities.

Famous Speeches and Speech Topics Sitemap
This sitemap can be used as a full index and guide to the contents of the Famous Speeches & Speech Topics website. This Famous Speeches & Speech Topics website provides outlines, examples facts and information about famous speeches and speech topics. A comprehensive site containing examples, definitions and outlines of speeches and presentations on how to give and write a speech. Every section on the Famous Speeches & Speech Topics Sitemap will provide a greater insight into the process of giving and writing speeches. The facts and information provided via the Famous Speeches & Speech Topics Sitemap will provide a comprehensive database for visitors interested in learning more about the speeches. A great Educational resource for kids, students, schools and universities.

Martin Luther King Speeches

Martin Luther King Speech - I Have a Dream
Martin Luther King Speech - Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance
Martin Luther King Speech - I See the Promised Land
Martin Luther King Speech - I've Been to the Mountaintop
Martin Luther King Speech - Birth of a New Nation
Martin Luther King Speech - Beyond Vietnam
Martin Luther King Speech - Where do we go from here
Martin Luther King Speech - Loving your Enemies
Martin Luther King Speech - Our God is marching on
Martin Luther King Speech - Lincoln Memorial Address

Motivational Speakers

Business Motivational Speakers
Top Motivational Speakers
Corporate Motivational Speakers
Famous Motivational Speakers
Motivational Speaking
Motivational Sports Speakers
Female Motivational Speakers
Inspirational Speakers
Motivational Speeches
Inspirational Speeches

Speech Topics

List of Persuasive Speech Topics (Choose from the Top 100 topics)
List of Informative Speech Topics (Choose from the Top 100 topics)
List of Demonstration Speech Topics (Choose from the Top 50)
List of Funny Speech Topics (Choose from the Top 50 subjects)
List of Interesting Speech Topics (Choose from the Top 50 subjects)
List of Tribute Speech Topics (Choose from the Top 50 subjects)
List of Fun Speech Topics
Examples of Persuasive Speeches
Examples of Informative Speeches
Examples of Tribute Speeches
Examples of Motivational Speeches
Examples of Acceptance Speeches
Examples of Inspiring Speeches

Persuasive Speech
Informative Speech
Demonstration Speech
Tribute Speech
Inspirational Speech
Motivational Speech
Graduation Speech
Acceptance Speech
Birthday Speech
Introduction Speech
Anniversary Speech
Retirement Speech
Farewell Speech
Maid of Honor Sister Speech
Best Man Speech

Giving & Writing Speeches

Writing a Speech

Speech Writing Presentation
Choose the Right Speech Topic
Types of Speeches
Timing of Speeches
Speech Outline
Speech Opener
Attention Grabbers
Speech Introduction
Main Body of the Speech
Speech Conclusion
Speech Cards
Speech Topics
Persuasive Speech Outline
Informative Speech Outline
Demonstration Speech Outline
Tribute Speech Outline
Inspirational Speech Outline
Motivational Speech Outline
Graduation Speech Outline
Acceptance Speech Outline
Birthday Speech Outline
Introduction Speech Outline
Anniversary Speech Outline
Retirement Speech Outline
Farewell Speech Outline
Maid of Honor Speech Outline
Best Man Speech Outline

Giving a Speech

'Giving a Speech' Presentation
Nervous about Giving a Speech?
The Spoken Word
Speech Preparation
Paper leads to Problems!
Prompt Cards
Time your Speech
Presenting your Speech
Body Language
A Successful Speech Maker
The Voice
Speed of Delivery
The Audience
Delivering a Good Speech
Last Words

Famous Short Speeches

Winston Churchill Speech - Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat
Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce - On Surrender to US Army
Napoleon Bonaparte Speech - Farewell to the Old Guard
St. Francis of Assisi - Sermon to the Birds
Giuseppe Garibaldi Speech - Encourages His Soldiers
George Graham Vest Speech  - Tribute to Dogs
Ben Chifley Speech  - The light on the hill
Charles Kennedy Speech  - A Drink Problem
John Ball Speech  - Cast off the Yoke of Bondage
David Lloyd George Speech  - Cause of the Great War
Oliver Cromwell Speech  - Dissolution of the Long Parliament
Tim Ryan - Draft Speech
William Shakespeare - Hamlet speech - Alas, poor Yorick
William Shakespeare - Richard III speech - Now is the winter
William Shakespeare - Macbeth speech - Is this a dagger
William Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet speech - O Romeo, RomeoWinston Churchill Speech - US Honorary Citizenship
Russell Crowe Tribute speech for Steve Irwin
Noah S. Sweat  - Whiskey Speech
Otto Von Bismarck Speech  - Blood and Iron
Charles Ogle Speech  - Gold Spoon Oration
Lou Gehrig Speech  - Farewell to Baseball Address
King George V and Kipling - 1932 Royal Christmas Message
John Edwards Speech  - Two Americas
William Shakespeare - Julius Caesar Speech to Brutus by Cassius
William Shakespeare - Friends, Romans, Countrymen
William Shakespeare - Hamlet speech - To be, or not to be
William Shakespeare - Henry V  - Once more unto the breach
Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet speech - But, soft! what light
Shakespeare - Merchant of Venice -  The quality of mercy
Shakespeare - As You Like It speech  - All the world's a stage
William Shakespeare - Hamlet speech - Alas, poor Yorick 

Famous Speeches

Adolf Hitler Speech - Declaration of war against the US
 Albert Schweitzer - Nobel Prize acceptance Speech
 Alexander H. Stephens - Cornerstone Speech
 Alexander Stephens Speech - Secession is the Height of Madness
 Anthony Eden Speech - The Suez Crisis
 Earl of Rosebery - A Tribute to Robert Burns
 Aung San Suu Kyi Speech - Freedom From Fear 
 Barack Obama Speech - Against Going to War with Iraq
 Barack Obama - A More Perfect Union
 Benazir Bhutto Speech - Male Domination of Women
 Benjamin Disraeli Speech - Suez Canal
 Bill Gates Speech - Stanford University
 Bin Laden Speech  America 'filled with fear'
 Booker T. Washington Speech - Atlanta Compromise
 Cardinal Clemens von Galen - Against Nazi Euthanasia
 Cesar Chavez Speech - Ending His Fast
 Cher Tribute to Sonny Bono
 Daniel O'Connell Speech - Justice for Ireland
 David Lloyd George Speech - America's Entry into the War
 David Lloyd George - WWII
 Dianne Feinstein Speech - Global Warming: A Time to Act
 Dwight D. Eisenhower - The Chance for Peace
 Earl of Spencer Obituary to Diana Princess of Wales
 Edmund Burke Speech - He is a Member of Parliament
 Edmund Burke - Conciliation with America
 Edouard Daladier Speech - Nazis Aim is Slavery
 Edward Kennedy - Eulogy for Robert F. Kennedy
 Edward M. Kennedy Speech - Chappaquiddick
 Edward M. Kennedy Speech - Faith, Truth and Tolerance in America
 Edward Stanley - Austria and Prussia
 Elie Wiesel Speech -  The Perils of Indifference
 Emma Goldman speech - What is Patriotism
 Enoch Powell Speech - Rivers of Blood
 Frederick Douglass Speech - The Hypocrisy of American Slavery
 Gen. Douglas MacArthur Speech - Duty, Honor, Country
 General Dwight D. Eisenhower Speech - D-Day Order
 George C. Marshall - The Marshall Plan
 George Patton - Invasion of Normandy
 George W. Bush - Capture of Saddam Hussein
 Golda Meir Speech - The Attainment Of Peace
 Golda Meir Speech - The Gaza Strip
 Harold Ickes - What is an American?
 Harold Macmillan Speech - Wind of Change
 Henry Kissinger - Tribute to Gerald Ford
 Huey P. Long Speech - Every Man a King
 J.K.Galbraith Speech - The Affluent Society
 James Lavenson Speech - Think Strawberries
 Jefferson Davis Speech - At the Belfast Encampment
 Jesse Jackson Speech - Common Ground and Common Sense 
 John Brown Speech - To the Court at his Trial
 John Reid Speech - The Challenges of Modern War
 John Stuart Mill Speech - In Favor of Capital Punishment
 John Wilkes Speech - Coercive Measures in America
 John Wilkes Speech - The Conquest of the Americans
 Ken Livingstone - London Will Not Be Cowed
 King Edward VIII - Abdication Speech
 Kofi Annan Speech - Nobel Prize Acceptance
 Mahatma Gandhi Speech - Quit India
 Malcolm X Speech - Black Man's History
 Malcolm X Speech - Message to the Grassroots
 Malcolm X Speech - The Ballot or the Bullet
 Margaret Thatcher Speech - Foreign Policy of Great Britain
 Margaret Thatcher - Tribute to Ronald Reagan
 Mario Matthew Cuomo - Religious Belief and Public Morality
 Mario Savio - An End to History
 Mark Twain Speech - Votes for Women
 Robespierre Speech - Festival of the Supreme Being
 Napoleon Bonaparte speech - The Egyptian Campaign
 Nehru Speech - Tryst with Destiny
 Nelson Mandela Speech - "I am Prepared to Die"
 Nelson Mandela Speech - Inaugural Address Speech
 Nelson R. Mandela Speech - No Easy Walk to Freedom Speech
 Neville Chamberlain - On the Nazi Invasion of Poland
 Neville Chamberlain Speech  - An Attempt to Dominate the World by Force
 Newton N. Minow - Wasteland Speech
 Oprah Winfrey Eulogy for Rosa Parks
 Oswald Mosley Speech - Comrades in Struggle
 Patrick Henry - Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death
 Pope John Paul II - Holocaust Speech
 Queen Elizabeth I Speech - The Farewell
 Queen Elizabeth I - The Golden Speech
 Ralph Waldo Emerson - Divinity School Address
 Ray Nagin - Chocolate City
 Richard P. Feynman - Plenty of Room at the Bottom
 Robert F. Kennedy Speech - Death of Martin Luther King
 Robert M. La Follette - Free Speech in Wartime
 Robert Menzies Speech - The Forgotten People
 Robert Peel Speech - Dissolution of Parliament
 Rocky Anderson Speech - Anti-war patriots rally
 Russell Conwell Speech - Acres of Diamonds
 Saddam Hussein - Call for 'martyrdom'
 Salvador Allende - Last Speech
 Spiro Theodore Agnew Speech - Television News Coverage
 Stanley Baldwin - Disarmament
 Stokely Carmichael - Black Power
 Thomas Babington Macaulay Speech - Copyright Law
 Thomas Babington Macaulay - Government of India
 Tony Blair Speech - War with Iraq
 Vyacheslav Molotov - On the Nazi Invasion of the Soviet Union
 William Jennings Bryan Speech - Cross of gold
 William Lloyd Garrison - On the Death of John Brown
 William Lyon Phelps - The Pleasure of Books
 William Pitt - The Defence of Weaker States
 William Wilberforce - On the Horrors of the Slave Trade
 William Wyndham - Attack on Sir Robert Walpole
 Winston Churchill - Never Give In, Never, Never, Never
 Winston Churchill - We Shall Fight on the Beaches
 Winston Churchill - Their Finest Hour
 Winston Churchill - Sinews of Peace
 Winston Churchill - The Few

Famous Speeches by Women

Anita Roddick Speech - Trading With Principles
Ann Richards Speech - 1988 DNC Keynote Address 
Anna Howard Shaw Speech - Fundamental Principle of a Republic
Beth Chapman Speech - Stand Up for America Rally 
Carrie Chapman Catt Speech - The Crisis 
Condoleezza Rice Speech - Republican National Convention
Courtney Love Speech - On Piracy and Music
Crystal Eastman Speech - Now We Can Begin 
Eleanor Roosevelt Speech - What Libraries Mean
Elizabeth Cady Stanton Speech - American Equal Rights
Erica Jong Speech - On Free Speech
Ernestine L. Rose Speech - An Address On Woman's Rights
Frances E. W. Harper Speech - Enlightened Motherhood 
Golda Meir Speech - For the Attainment of Peace 
Halle Berry Speech - Oscar Acceptance for Monster's Ball
Helen Keller Speech - Strike Against War 
Hillary Clinton Speech - Women's Rights are Human Rights
Indira Gandhi Speech - Martin Luther King
Jane Fonda Speech - Broadcast Over Radio Hanoi
Ladybird Johnson Speech - A Tribute to Eleanor Roosevelt
Lucretia Mott Speech - Discourse On Woman
Margaret Chase Smith Speech - Declaration of Conscience
Margaret Sanger Speech - The Morality of Birth Control
Marie Curie Speech - On the Discovery of Radium 
Mary Church Terrell Speech - What it Means to be Colored
Mary Fisher Speech - A Whisper of AIDS 
Mary Reynolds Speech - Her Days as a Slave 
Maya Angelou Speech - On the Pulse of Morning 
Mother Teresa Speech - Nobel Lecture Speech 
Nancy Birdsall Speech - On Growth And Poverty Reduction
Oprah Winfrey Speech - 54th Annual EMMY Awards 
Pearl Buck Speech - Nobel Lecture - The Chinese Novel
Princess Diana Speech - Responding To Landmines
Queen Elizabeth I Speech - The Spanish Armada 
Queen Elizabeth II Speech - On the Death of Princess Diana
Sarah Brady Speech - Signing of the Brady Gun Control Bill
Shirley Chisholm Speech - Equal Rights For Women
Sojourner Truth Speech - Ain't I A Woman? 
Susan B. Anthony Speech - After Being Convicted Of Voting
Ursula Le Guin Speech - A Left-Handed Commencement
Urvashi Vaid Speech - Gay Rights March On Washington
Victoria Woodhull Speech - And the Truth Shall Make You Free

Presidential Speeches

Abraham Lincoln Inaugural Address
Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg Address
Abraham Lincoln Speech, Second Inaugural Address
Andrew Jackson Speech, Farewell Address
Andrew Johnson Speech, 1st Annual Message
Benjamin Harrison Speech, Inaugural address
Bill Clinton Speech, Farewell Address
Bill Clinton Speech, I Have Sinned
Calvin Coolidge Speech, Inaugural address
Dwight D. Eisenhower Speech, Farewell Address
Franklin D. Roosevelt Declaration Of War on Japan
Franklin D. Roosevelt Speech, State of the Union 1945
Franklin D. Roosevelt Pearl Harbor Speech
Franklin Pierce Speech, Inaugural Address
George Bush Speech, Attack on Iraq
George Bush Speech, Inaugural address
George W. Bush Speech, 9/11 Address to the Nation
George W. Bush Speech, Inaugural address
George W. Bush Speech, National Day of Prayer and Remembrance
George Washington Speech, First Inaugural Address
Gerald R. Ford Speech, State of the Union 1975
Grover Cleveland Speech, Message about Hawaii
Harry S. Truman The Truman Doctrine
Harry S. Truman Speech, Farewell address
Herbert Hoover Speech, Inaugural address
James Buchanan Speech, Inaugural Address
James Garfield Speech, Inaugural address
James Madison Speech, War Message
James Monroe, the Monroe Doctrine
James Monroe Speech, First Inaugural Address
James Polk Speech, War Message
Jimmy Carter Speech, Inaugural address
John Adams Speech, Inaugural Address
John F Kennedy Speech, Ich bin ein Berliner
John F. Kennedy Conspiracy Theories
John F. Kennedy, Bay of Pigs
John F. Kennedy, We choose to go to the Moon
John F. Kennedy, Above-ground nuclear testing
John F. Kennedy, Address to the UN
John F. Kennedy Speech, Inaugural address
John F. Kennedy, Urgent National Needs
John F. Kennedy, Cuban Missile Crisis
John F. Kennedy, Berlin Address
John F. Kennedy, Ask not what your country can do for you
John Quincy Adams Speech, Inaugural Address
John Tyler Speech, Address Accepting Office
Lyndon B. Johnson We Shall Overcome
Lyndon B. Johnson Peace Without Conquest (Vietnam)
Lyndon B. Johnson The Great Society
Lyndon Johnson Speech, Inaugural address
Martin Van Buren Speech, Inaugural Address
Millard Fillmore Speech, 1st Annual Message
Richard Nixon Crook Speech
Richard Nixon Resignation Speech
Richard Nixon Speech, Vietnamization
Richard Nixon Speech, First Inaugural address
Ronald Reagan Challenger Space Shuttle Explosion
Ronald Reagan Speech, First Inaugural Address
Ronald Reagan Speech, Members of the British Parliament
Ronald Reagan Speech, National Security
Ronald Reagan Speech, Tear Down This Wall
Rutherford B. Hayes Speech, Inaugural address
Theodore Roosevelt Speech, Inaugural address
Thomas Jefferson Speech, First Inaugural Address
Ulysses S. Grant Speech, First Inaugural Address
Warren G. Harding Speech, Inaugural address
William Harrison Speech, Inaugural Address
William McKinley Speech, First inaugural address
William Taft Speech, Inaugural address
Woodrow Wilson, the Fourteen Points
Woodrow Wilson Speech, First Inaugural Address
Zachary Taylor Speech, Inaugural Address

Famous Speeches and Speech Topics Sitemap
This Famous Speeches & Speech Topics Sitemap will provide a comprehensive database for visitors interested in learning more about the speeches and famous speakers. A free Educational resource for kids, students, schools and universities.

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