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Famous Motivational Speakers

Famous Motivational Speakers

Famous Motivational Speakers are skilled in motivating others through public speaking. The key goals and objectives of Famous Motivational Speakers are to motivate the audience through their dynamic delivery of relevant topics to increase effort and energy leading to improved performance. Famous motivational speakers include people such as politicians, presidents and celebrities. The most notes are Martin Luther King, JFK and Sir Winston Churchill.

What are the Keys to Success of Famous Motivational Speakers?
To be successful Famous Motivational Speakers need to be interesting, and so does the subject they are talking about! A boring speaker is a bad speaker! Motivational speaking requires that the speaker is:

  • Credible - Famous Motivational Speakers must demonstrate their knowledge of the topic or subject and prove their credibility. Famous Motivational speakers must show their expertise presenting facts, statistics or quotes together with their personal experiences

  • Passionate and Inspiring - Famous Motivational Speakers convey the subject of their speech with enthusiasm, passion and conviction to appeal to the emotions of the audience

  • Sincere - Famous Motivational speakers require the conviction to make the audience believe that there is a problem which requires solving

  • Visionary - Famous Motivational Speakers have the direction and the ability to provide ideas and direction to solve problems

  • Confident - Famous Motivational Speakers inspire the audience with a positive 'Can Do' approach

Famous Motivational Speakers have proved to be most effective by using a combination of three styles - motivating, persuasive and inspirational speaking - to successfully achieve their required goals and objectives. The famous speeches of Sir Winston Churchill, JFK and Martin Luther King illustrate the key attributes of Famous Motivational speakers.

List of Names Famous Motivational Speakers
The following selection provides a list of the names of famous motivational speakers, whose speeches are included on this site. Please see the section on Presidential speeches as the Presidents of the USA were all skilled as motivational speakers. Click the following link for list of professional
Top Motivational Speakers who are available to speak at corporate or business functions:

Names of Famous Motivational and Inspiring Speakers


Albert Schweitzer
Booker T Washington
Cesar Chavez
David Lloyd George
Frederick Douglass
Harold Ickes
Huey P Long - Every Man A King
Pope John Paul II
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Rocky Anderson
Otto Von Bismarck
St. Francis of Assisi
Condoleezza Rice
Eleanor Roosevelt
Erica Jong
Helen Keller
Hillary Clinton
Nancy Birdsall
Princess Diana
Shirley Chisholm
Sojourner Truth
Urvashi Vaid
Victoria Woodhull

Famous Motivational Speakers

Martin Luther King
John F Kennedy
Sir Winston Churchill
Barack Obama
Benazir Bhutto
Daniel O Connell
Dwight D Eisenhower
Enoch Powell
Golda Meir
Harold Macmillan
J K Galbraith
Mahatma Gandhi
Malcolm X
Mark Twain
Nelson Mandela
Patrick Henry
Ray Nagin
Robert F Kennedy
Robert Menzies
Stokely Carmichael
Tony Blair
Anita Roddick
Beth Chapman
Margaret Chase Smith
Mary Fisher
Queen Elizabeth I
Susan B. Anthony

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