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Corporate Motivational Speakers

Corporate Motivational Speakers

Corporate Motivational Speakers are skilled in motivating others through public speaking to the corporate world of business. The key goals and objectives of Corporate Motivational Speakers are to motivate the audience through their dynamic delivery of relevant topics to increase effort and energy leading to improved performance.

Corporate Motivational Speakers - Events
Various events are suited to the services of Corporate Motivational Speakers. Business and corporate events requiring Corporate Motivational Speakers are presentations, training, mentoring and coaching sessions, seminars and retreats.

Professional Corporate Motivational Speakers also specialise in motivational speaking aimed at sports coaching, relationship coaching and life coaching, Buisness entrepreneurs, spirituality and health matters. New ideas benefit from positive Corporate Motivational Speakers when making keynote addresses.

Why Employ Corporate Motivational Speakers?
Why employ Corporate Motivational Speakers? What are the skills of these professional Corporate Motivational Speakers and how can they help your corporation?

Corporate Motivational Speakers have the ability to persuade, or convince Corporate co-workers, to take action to improve,convincing them that increased effort and energy will lead to improved performance therefore increasing the profits of the business. Corporate Motivational Speakers will prove to be most effective by using a combination of three styles - motivating, persuasive and inspirational speaking - to successfully achieve the required goals and objectives of the business.

List of Names Corporate Motivational Speakers
List of Names Corporate Motivational Speakers. The following selection of professionals are available as Corporate Motivational Speakers:

Names of Corporate Motivational Speakers

  • Rudy Ruettiger - Rudy Ruettiger an American football player, best known as the inspiration for the motion picture 'Rudy'. the life of Daniel "Rudy"
  • John Dmytryszyn - John Dmytryszyn (The Motivational Cowboy) an author and keynote speaker
  • Brian Norris - Brian Norris (America's Positivity Guru)
  • Eric Edmeades - Eric Edmeades is a Canadian entrepreneur and author
  • Devon Harris -  Devon Harris a member of the first Jamaican Bobsled Team which first competed in the Winter Olympics. The movie "Cool Runnings," is loosely based on the story of the Jamaican bobsled team
  • Neal Petersen - Neal Petersen is an author and a round-the-world yachtsman
  • Dan Millman - Dan Millman is an author of thirteen self-help booksa former world-champion athlete, university coach, martial arts instructor
  • Derek Redmond - Derek Redmond is an English athlete who won gold medals at the European, Commonwealth,
    and World Championships
  • Bruce Jenner - Bruce Jenner is a 1976 Olympic Gold Medalist, heralded as the "World's Greatest Athlete"
  • Cary Mullen - Cary Mullen is sports personality, keynote speaker and business leader
  • Rocky Bleier - Rocky Bleier, a football player and veteran of Vietnam
  • Robert Ballard - Robert Ballard is the renowned Oceanic Explorer & Discoverer of RMS Titanic Wreckage
  • Mike Ditka - Mike Ditka Hall of Fame NFL Head Coach and CBS Sports Commentator
  • Mark Anthony Garrett - Mark Anthony Garrett is a successful business entrepreneur
  • Craig Anthony Harper - Craig Anthony Harper is a television host, radio presenter and author
  • Alvin Law - Alvin Law served on the national board of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers
  • Tony Robbins - Tony Robbins is an American self-help writer and became well known through the use of firewalking in his seminars
  • Zig Ziglar - Zig Ziglar is an American author and an Evangelical Christian
  • Tony Alessandra - Tony Alessandra speeches designed to 'outmarket, outsell, and outservice' the competition
  • Bob Goshen - Bob Goshen is a businessman, marketing consultant, and public speaker
  • Joe Simpson - Joe Simpson is a mountaineer, author of Touching the Void speaks at corporate events throughout the world
  • Yossi Ghinsberg - Yossi Ghinsberg is one of two survivors from a group of four that became lost in the Amazon and met the the challenges of survival.
  • Les Brown - Les Brown won the Council of Peers Award of Excellence from the National Speakers Association in 1987 and was recognized him as one of the World's Top Five Speakers for 1992
  • Greg Gumbel - Greg Gumbel has covered some of the greatest sporting events in history
  • Mike Eruzione - Mike Eruzione was the Captain who led the 1980 United States Olympic Hockey Team to its
    Gold Medal victory in Lake Placid
  • John Di Frances - John Di Frances is a Motivational Speaker for High Impact Corporate Keynote speeches

Names of Motivational Speakers

What skills are required for Successful Motivational Speakers?
To be successful Corporate Motivational Speakers  need to be interesting! A boring speaker is a bad speaker! Corporate Motivational speaking requires that the speaker is:

  • Credible - Corporate Motivational Speakers must demonstrate their knowledge of the topic or subject and prove their credibility. Corporate Motivational speakers must show their expertise presenting facts, statistics or quotes together with their personal experiences
  • Passionate and Inspiring - Corporate Motivational Speakers convey the subject of their speech with enthusiasm, passion and conviction to appeal to the emotions of the employees

  • Sincere - Corporate Motivational speakers require the conviction to make the audience believe that there is a problem which requires solving

  • Visionary - Corporate Motivational Speakers have the direction and the ability to provide ideas and direction to solve the problem

  • Optimistic - Corporate Motivational Speakers require optimism. Speakers must instil optimism to make the audience believe in what they are saying. Goals must be positive and the listeners must believe that they are achievable

  • Confident - Corporate Motivational Speakers inspire the audience with a positive 'Can Do' approach

Corporate Motivational speakers come from many different backgrounds and do not require formal training or certification. To be successful Corporate Motivational Speakers the person must have all of the above qualities and skills but if they can combine these attributes with a good sense of humor and the ability to captivate the audience with great oratory skills they have exactly what is required to become a really successful Corporate Motivational Speakers.

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