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Persuasive Speeches

Persuasive Speeches

This section provides examples of Persuasive Speeches by famous people such as politicians, presidents and celebrities.

These persuasive speeches were used, with great effect, by famous people to convince the listeners, of the validity of the speaker's argument persuading someone to change their opinion or take into account some unknown factors.

Examples of Famous Persuasive Speeches

What are some examples of famous Persuasive Speeches?

The following list of famous examples provides a variety of different topics and ideas conveyed by famous people.

It should be remembered that one speech can fall into several subject or topic types.

We have categorised these famous persuasive speeches by the most obvious speech type.

There are many other examples of persuasive speeches in the Presidential Speeches section.

Examples of Famous Persuasive Speeches

Famous Persuasive Speeches
Alexander H Stephens - Cornerstone Speech
Alexander Stephens Speech - Secession Is The Height Of Madness
Anthony Eden Speech - The Suez Crisis
Aung San Suu Kyi Speech - Freedom From Fear
Barack Obama Speech - Against Going To War With Iraq
Booker T Washington Speech - Atlanta Compromise
Bin Laden Speech - America 'Filled With Fear'
Cardinal Clemens Von Galen Speech - Against Nazi Euthanasia
David Lloyd George Speech - WWII
Dwight D Eisenhower Speech - The Chance For Peace
Edmund Burke Speech - He Is A Member Of Parliament
Edmund Burke Speech - Conciliation With America
Edward Stanley Speech - Austria And Prussia
John Stuart Mill Speech - In Favor Of Capital Punishment
John Wilkes Speech - The Conquest Of The Americans
Stanley Baldwin Speech - Disarmament
William Pitt Speech - The Defence Of Weaker States
William Wilberforce Speech - Horrors Of The Slave Trade
William Wyndham Speech - Attack On Sir Robert Walpole
William Shakespeare - Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears
Famous Persuasive Speeches by Women
Hillary Clinton Speech - Women's Rights are Human Rights
Sarah Brady Speech - Signing of the Brady Gun Control Bill
Shirley Chisholm Speech - Equal Rights For Women

Writing Persuasive Speeches
The definition, structure, outline and guidelines to writing Persuasive Speeches are detailed in the following section.

Persuasive Speech

Writing Persuasive Speeches is not an easy task! Reading some of the examples of famous Persuasive speeches will provide an insight into the subject. But there are other techniques to help and we would also recommend that you check out our free, fast and concise PowerPoint-style presentations on:

Writing a Speech

Giving a Speech

Persuasive Speeches
Facts, information and examples of persuasive speeches will provide some interesting and helpful info on the difficult subject of writing and giving a persuasive speech.

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