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Giving & Writing Speeches

Giving & Writing Speeches

Giving & Writing Speeches! Did you know that a recent survey stated that people are more frightened of making a speech than going to the dentist? It is therefore hardly surprising that giving and writing speeches cause problems! This section on Giving & Writing Speeches has some useful facts, information, help and tips to approaching these tasks, together with free, fast and concise helpful PowerPoint-style presentations.

Giving & Writing Speeches
Giving & Writing a Speech can cause problems and stress for nearly everyone! Get some free helpful tips and hints on the subjects. The following links provide access to free, fast and concise helpful PowerPoint-style presentations:

Giving a Speech

'Giving a Speech' Presentation

Nervous about Giving a Speech?

The Spoken Word

Speech Preparation

Paper leads to Problems!

Prompt Cards

Time your Speech

Presenting your Speech

Body Language


A Successful Speech Maker


The Voice

Speed of Delivery

The Audience

Delivering a Good Speech

Last Words

Writing a Speech

Speech Writing Presentation

Choose the Right Speech Topic

Types of Speeches

Timing of Speeches

Speech Outline

Speech Opener

Attention Grabbers

Speech Introduction


Main Body of the Speech

Speech Conclusion

Speech Cards

Speech Topics

Persuasive Speech Outline

Informative Speech Outline

Demonstration Speech Outline

Tribute Speech Outline

Inspirational Speech Outline

Motivational Speech Outline

Graduation Speech Outline

Acceptance Speech Outline

Birthday Speech Outline

Introduction Speech Outline

Anniversary Speech Outline

Retirement Speech Outline

Farewell Speech Outline

Maid of Honor Speech Outline

Best Man Speech Outline

The above links provide access to PowerPoint-style presentations on Giving & Writing a speech

Giving & Writing Speeches - Different Types of Speeches
There are many different types of speech, but can generally be defined in just two categories - a formal or informal speech. A Speech will fall into a category of either formal or informal speeches.

Facts, Information & Structure of Different Types of Speeches

Persuasive Speech

Informative Speech

Demonstration Speech

Tribute Speech

Inspirational Speech

Motivational Speech

Graduation Speech

Acceptance Speech

Birthday Speech

Introduction Speech

Anniversary Speech

Retirement Speech

Farewell Speech

Maid of Honor Sister Speech

Best Man Speech

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