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Charles Ogle Speech
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Charles Ogle Speech - Gold Spoon Oration

This short Charles Ogle Speech - Gold Spoon Oration featured is in the form of a transcript, extract, passages or lines and demonstrates the good oratory skills of a great public speaker with the ability to use clear words and text. Speech Example Topic / Subject Type: Inspirational / Inspiring Speech.


Charles Ogle Speech - Gold Spoon Oration

Charles Ogle - Gold Spoon Oration is also known as "The Regal Splendor of the Presidentís Palace"

Given in the US House of Representatives April 14-16, 1840


Excerpts from the speech

"An old soldier Harrison, who, to rescue thousands of women and children from the scalping knife of the ruthless savage, freely abandoned all the endearments of home and family, endured the icy and piercing blasts of northwestern winters, wading through the deep and cold waters and black swamps of Michigan and upper Canada, sustaining, at times, an almost famished nature upon raw beef, without salt, and often periling life on the field of battle? Poor simple-minded old veteran, he was, no doubt, foolish enough to believe that, having given the best energies of his body and mind in youth, manhood, and mature age, to serve and defend the honor, the rights, the property, and the lives of his fellow-citizens, he would at least, in common courtesy, be entitled to their respect, if not to their love and gratitude."

"The survey of smooth lawns and gently sloping meads, covered with rich coats of white and red clover and luxuriant orchard grass, made no delightful impression on their eyes. No, sir; mere meadows are too common to gratify the refined taste of an exquisite with sweet sandy whiskers. He must have undulations, beautiful mounds, and other contrivances, to ravish his exalted and ethereal soul. Hence, the reformers have constructed a number of clever sized hills, every pair of which, it is said, was designed to resemble and assume the form of an Amazon's bosom, with a miniature knoll or hillock on its apex, to denote the nipple."

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