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Acceptance Speeches

Acceptance Speeches

This section provides examples of Acceptance Speeches by famous people such as politicians, presidents and celebrities.

These Acceptance speeches were used, with great effect, by famous people to provide an expression of gratitude for some form of award signifying approval or distinction given on the basis of merit, for excellence in a specific field.

Examples of Famous Acceptance Speeches

What are some examples of famous Acceptance Speeches?

The following list of examples of famous Acceptance speeches provides a variety of different topics and ideas conveyed by famous people.

It should be remembered that one speech can fall into several subject or topic types.

We have categorised these famous Acceptance speeches by the most obvious speech type.

Examples of Famous Acceptance Speeches

Albert Schweitzer Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech

Douglas Macarthur Speech - Duty, Honor, Country

Winston Churchill Speech - Reply upon his award of Honorary Citizenship

Halle Berry Speech - Oscar Acceptance

Mother Teresa Speech - Nobel Lecture Speech

Pearl Buck Speech - Nobel Lecture, the Chinese Novel

Oprah Winfrey Speech - 54th EMMY Awards

Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Kofi Annan Speech - Nobel Prize Acceptance

Writing Acceptance Speeches
The definition, structure, outline and guidelines to writing this type of speech are detailed in the following section.

Acceptance Speech

Writing Acceptance Speeches is not an easy task! Reading some of the examples of famous Acceptance speeches will provide an insight into the subject. But there are other techniques to help and we would also recommend that you check out our free, fast and concise PowerPoint-style presentations on:

Writing a Speech

Giving a Speech

Acceptance Speeches
Facts, information and examples of Acceptance speeches will provide some interesting and helpful info on the difficult subject of writing and giving this type of speech. Examples of speeches include those by Albert Schweitzer, Douglas Macarthur, Kofi Annan, Winston Churchill, Halle Berry, Mother Teresa, Oprah Winfrey and Pearl Buck.

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