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Motivational Speeches

Motivational Speeches

This section provides examples of Motivational Speeches by famous people such as politicians, presidents and celebrities.

These Motivational speeches were used, with great effect, by famous people to persuade, or convince the audience, to take action to improve including an outline of the problem and the benefits of change.

Examples of Famous Motivational Speeches

What are some examples of famous Motivational Speeches?

The following list of examples of famous Motivational speeches provides a variety of different topics and ideas conveyed by famous people.

It should be remembered that one speech can fall into several subject or topic types.

We have categorised these famous Motivational speeches by the most obvious speech type.

Examples of Famous Motivational Speeches

I have a dream - Martin Luther King

Winston Churchill - We shall fight them on the beaches

President John F. Kennedy - Man on the moon

Alexander H Stephens Cornerstone Speech
Anthony Eden- The Suez Crisis
Barack Obama Speech - Against Going To War With Iraq
Benazir Bhutto- Male Domination Of Women
Cardinal Clemens Von Galen Speech - Against Nazi Euthanasia
Daniel O Connell- Justice For Ireland
Dianne Feinstein Speech - Global Warming A Time To Act
Dwight D Eisenhower Speech - The Chance For Peace
Elie Wiesel- The Perils Of Indifference
Enoch Powell Speech - Rivers Of Blood
Frederick Douglass - Hypocrisy Of American Slavery
George Patton - Invasion Of Normandy Speech
Golda Meir Speech - Attainment Of Peace
Harold Ickes - What Is An American?
Harold Macmillan Speech - Wind Of Change
James Lavenson - Think Strawberries
J K Galbraith Speech - The Affluent Society
John Reid - The Challenges Of Modern War
John Stuart Mill Speech - In Favor Of Capital Punishment
Mahatma Gandhi - Quit India
Malcolm X Speech - Black Man's History
Malcolm X Speech - Message To The Grassroots
Malcolm X Speech - The Ballot Or The Bullet
Mario Savio - An End To History
Mark Twain Speech - Votes For Women
Nehru Speech - Tryst With Destiny
Nelson Mandela Speech - No Easy Walk To Freedom
Patrick Henry Speech - Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death
Ray Nagin Speech - Chocolate City
Richard P Feynman - Plenty Of Room At The Bottom
Robert F Kennedy Speech - Death Of Martin Luther King
Robert Menzies - The Forgotten People
Stokely Carmichael Speech - Black Power
Thomas Babington Macaulay - Government Of India
Tony Blair Speech - War With Iraq
William Wilberforce Speech - Horrors Of The Slave Trade

Giuseppe Garibaldi Short Speech - Encourages His Soldiers
John Ball Short Speech - Cast off the Yoke of Bondage

Anna Howard Shaw Speech
Anita Roddick - Trading With Principles
Beth Chapman - Stand Up for America Rally
Carrie Chapman Catt - The Crisis
Courtney Love Speech - On Piracy and Music
Crystal Eastman - Now We Can Begin
Ernestine L. Rose - Address On Woman's Rights
Golda Meir Speech - Attainment of Peace
Margaret Chase Smith - Declaration of Conscience
Margaret Sanger Speech - Morality of Birth Control
Mary Church Terrell Speech - What it Means to be Colored in the U.S.
Mary Fisher - A Whisper of AIDS
Princess Diana Speech - Responding To Landmines
Queen Elizabeth I - The Spanish Armada
Susan B. Anthony - After Being Convicted Of Voting

Writing Motivational Speeches
The definition, structure, outline and guidelines to writing Motivational Speeches are detailed in the Motivational Speech section.

Motivational Speech

Writing Motivational Speeches is not an easy task! Reading some of the examples of famous Motivational speeches will provide an insight into the subject. But there are other techniques to help and we would also recommend that you check out our free, fast and concise PowerPoint-style presentations on:

Writing a Speech

Giving a Speech

Motivational Speeches
Facts, information and examples of Motivational speeches will provide some interesting and helpful info on the difficult subject of writing and giving Motivational speeches.

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