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Motivational Speaking

Motivational Speaking

Motivational Speaking is a skill designed to motivate others through public speaking. There are many people whose professional career is geared towards motivational speaking whose key objectives are to motivate the audience through their dynamic delivery of relevant topics.

Motivational Speaking
What is Motivational Speaking? It is designed to persuade, or convince the audience, to take action to improve andmight involve convincing someone that increased effort and energy will lead to improved performance. But Motivational Speaking does not stop here. It can be combined with an inspiring and persuasive styles of speech and speaking. Have a look at the following definitions and it becomes clear that the most effective motivational speaking includes elements of inspiring and persuading the audience to improve their performance.

Inspirational Speaking
An Inspirational speaking style is delivered to appeal to the emotions and encourage the listeners, that they can succeed. This might involve relating optimistic and uplifting stories, or anecdotes, based on faith or real life situations taken from their own life or the lives of famous people  from history, sports, politics and the business or corporate world.

Persuasive Speaking
A persuasive style of speaking is designed to persuade, or convince the audience, of the validity of the speaker's argument. This might involve persuading someone to change their opinion or at the very least take into account some elements that have not really been considered before.

Motivational Speaking - A Combination of Styles
Motivational Speaking will prove to be most effective by using a combination of all three styles - motivating, persuasive and inspirational speaking - to successfully achieve the required goals and objectives.

What skills are required for Successful Motivational Speaking?
To be successful the speaker needs to be interesting! A boring speaker is a bad speaker! Motivational speaking requires that the speaker is:

  • Credible - they must demonstrate their knowledge of the topic or subject and prove their credibility. Motivational speakers must show their expertise presenting facts, statistics or quotes together with their personal experiences
  • Passionate and Inspiring - Motivational speaking requires that the speaker conveys the subject with enthusiasm, passion and conviction to appeal to the emotions of the audience

  • Sincere - Motivational speaking requires the conviction to make the audience believe that there is a problem which requires solving

  • Visionary - Motivational speaking necessitates that the speaker has direction and the ability to provide ideas and direction to solve the problem

  • Optimistic - Motivational speaking requires optimism. Speakers must instil optimism to make the audience believe in what they are saying. Goals must be positive and the audience must believe that they are achievable

  • Confident - Motivational speaking entails inspiring the audience with a positive 'Can Do' approach

Motivational speakers come from many different backgrounds and do not require formal training or certification. To be successful at motivational speaking the person must have all of the above qualities and skills but if they can combine these attributes with a good sense of humor and the ability to captivate the audience with great oratory skills they have exactly what is required to become really successful at motivational speaking.

Motivational Speaking - Audiences
Most people respond well to Motivating speeches. In everyday life the politicians, presidents and leaders of the world are adept at delivering this type of speech to ensure that important changes are made in their countries. Educators motivate and inspire the youth. In the business and corporate world it is used to to persuade, or convince employees to take action to improve.

Motivational Speaking - Events
Various events are suited to Motivational Speaking. Those events and speeches focused on the political arena and important world events. Business and corporate events requiring motivational speaking at presentations, training, mentoring and coaching sessions, seminars and retreats. Professional speakers also specialise in motivational speaking aimed at sports coaching, relationship coaching and life coaching, business entrepreneurs, spirituality and health matters. New ideas benefit from positive motivational speaking when making keynote addresses.

Motivational Speaking - What is a Keynote speech?
Motivational Speaking and speakers are successfully used when a keynote address or keynote speech is required. A keynote address or keynote speech is delivered to reveal, or set, an underlying principle, tone or theme of a new idea placing emphasis on the most important part or the core message. Many US Presidents are famous for the keynote speeches or addresses, however important corporate or business keynotes speeches are often required to reveal plans plans for the future and these are best delivered by those experienced in Motivational speaking. 

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